Throat sprayers

Dispensing pumps

Adaptors for bottles

Adaptors for syringes

Finger sprayers

Perfume atomizers

Nasal sprayers pumps

Screw caps

Tamper evident screw caps

Child proof screw caps

Screw caps with hole

Screw caps with dropper inserts

Tamper-evident cap with pouring spout

Dropper caps (PVC)


Liis for glass containers for homeopathic globuli

Thread cap with pipette wiper

Thread caps with spatula

Thread caps with brush

Lids with dosing pipettes

"Disc-Top" screw caps

"Flip-Top" - Hinge caps

Lids with strap

"Mushroom" hinge cap

Twist open/close caps

"Push Pull" screw caps

Lids with flexible cannula

Lids with rectal cannula

Vaginal shower cannula

Lids with bellows

Caps for aerosol cans

Lids for food products

Lids for household products

Lids for spices

Grinder lids

Monodose caps for vials

Caps for vials

Caps for extemporary vials

Snap-on lids